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Client: Specialized building materials retailer/wholesaler


(Uptown) Problem: In face of continued growth, the Client required improvements in current network and storage systems


Solution: We worked with the Client to plan, configure, and deliver an Enterprise-level server appropriate to their needs


Result: Due to unforeseen difficulties with the server manufacturer, we successfully negotiated significant improvements to the server (8 TB of storage instead of 4 TB, a second CPU, and additional RAID functionality) at no additional cost to the Client

Server consultation, configuration, and compensation

CAD/CAM system overhaul

Client: Manufacturer of high-quality decorative and structural vinyl systems


Problem: Legacy (circa 1999) CAD/CAM system produced progressive negative creep on its y-axis of approximately 0.025 inches per process


- Client had no functional back-up equipment; faced potential significant off-line period during critical season


Solution: Refurbished on-hand replacement control panel; installed and re-calibrated using legacy computer software


Result: Client was able to continue production using legacy equipment while awaiting two new replacement CAD/CAM units

Network re-design
and technological right-sizing

Client: Commercial travel agency


Problem: Over several years and multiple service providers, the Client  amassed a collection of outdated, unnecessary, and largely incongruous equipment; making the entire system unreliable at best


- Our Client had little understanding of or interest in technology but "just want it to work so we can do our work"


Solution: We streamlined the Client's entire system from access point to output devices by using appropriate necessary existing equipment (including a dot-matrix printer), a few upgrades, a minimal amount of interruption, and familiarity with at least one obscure programming language


Result: Reliable processes and peace of mind for the Client

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